Opera Detect

Better detection and analytics for Opera Browsers.


Opera Mini is a web browser that offers users an Extreme Data Savings Mode. In this mode, a lot of typically used development features are not supported (for example, transforms. See the full list).

There hasn't been a way to detect if a user is on this Extreme Savings Mode, until now. Opera Detect is a tiny script that allows you to access information about the Opera Browser a user is on, including which savings mode they are using.

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Here is your navigator.userAgent string -


You're not using an Opera Browser at the moment, but there is an example of what you would get if the you were using the Opera Mini Browser with Extreme Savings Mode on a Nexus 5 -

var operaDetect = {  
  isOpera: 1
  isExtremeMode: 1
  results: {
    mode: "Extreme Savings"
    platform: "Mobile/Tablet"
    browser: "Opera Mini"
    OS: "Android"

Looks like you're using an Opera browser, great! Here is the information on your current browser.